Monday, July 22, 2013

Blacks to Picket Florida Because of the Stand Your Ground Law

 So Stevie Wonder, Jessie Jackson  and other ignoramus's are going  to boycott Florida because of their stand your ground law!

It was a self defense case, the Florida laws were never brought up by lawyers from either side the stand your ground law issue was brought up by the media and Obozo in a failed attempt to make the case about race and sidetrack the issue to get his gun control law passed..

I'm sure Florida will suffer greatly because of Stevie's and Jessie Jackson's "boycott."
 After the announcement of a Stevie Wonder boycott Florida's Orange Juice business went up 150 percent.  Go figure.
PS... Does my calling someone a ignoramus make me racist?

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Rolling Stone Cover Of Tsarnaev The Boston Bomber.

The Rolling Stone is a liberal rag that's trying to stay relevant their inability to see and report reality is VERY limited.

Aside from that, no, it's not shocking to see them defending a murderer. Anyone that buys this piece of Trash is either a Fool or they are high on pot.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bill Cosby: Said, " George Zimmerman Is Not a Racist”

First we had Jimmy Carter, a staunch liberal who said that the jury made the right decision and now we have Bill Cosby saying that George Zimmerman can't be a racist because of his actions and his past history and background. Bill Cosby is showing some common sense and logic that the race baiters Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and yes the media. 
 Good for him.
Seriously the Trayvon supporters on these blogs should take some of Cosby's wisdom to mind. It might help bring some sense into their thick skulls..

The Reality Of Lliberals

You know , I'm friggen sick of these dumb ass libs already trying to make hay out of this verdict. It's done and over and getting tiresome already.
These Black race baiters ate always throwing fuel on the fire.
As with all issues that become politicized, these liberal bleeding heats of this debate are ignoring all facts that don't support their position. I never know whether they are purposely ignoring all the facts or whether their ideology somehow short-circuits their intellectual capacity to do so, that's always been a source of fascination to me.
The bottom line is that two young guys did stupid things. Both of them. One of the guys had a legal gun in a legal situation and (per proper legal proceedings) used it legally, to defend himself from a thug who was looking for trouble.. And the trouble maker is dead as a result. I have no doubt the guy with the gun wishes the whole friggen thing hadn't happened, and that he had found something better to do that night.
But it did happen and the trial is over and the jury had it's say. Why do these fools always think that the jury must agree with them or else!
It's a crappy, tragic situation that does not lend itself to simple answers, yet it has become a simplistic political pawn for no other reason than the color of the young guys skin.

That won't stop the insults and finger-pointing, of course, because the race pimps and the division pimps have done such a good job that insults and finger-pointing are ingrained in our public discourse. We're playing right into their game like good little sheep, and I'm sure they appreciate it every time they check their bank account balances.
But they continue to play the "IF" game like "IF" Zimmerman didn't follow him or "IF" Zimmerman didn't get out of his car!

How about "IF" the punk didn't go to that community looking for trouble in the first place and "IF" he didn't punch Zimmerman in the face. Or "IF" he didn't say "Your gonna DIE tonight?
The circus trial of George Zimmerman has ended, but the Blacks and white liberals won’t accept the fact that the (the creepy ass cracka) was found Not guilty.
As the evidence was presented in the Martin/Zimmerman, it became very clear that this case was so weak it should not have even been brought to trial. But white liberals in conjunction with Black America’s RACIST side and demanded Zimmerman be found guilty. Why? Do white liberals really care about black teens being killed? Yes, they do. But only if the killing occurs at the hand of a white person. White-on-black crime in America is so rare that white liberals had to construe Hispanic George Zimmerman as a “White Hispanic” to get blacks upset and all riled up over the case. And guess what? It worked!
Why is the only answer ALWAYS is to blame Whitey? Or as some will say, to blame the Crazy Ass Cracker?